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If you are fortunate enough to have reliable source of running water on your property, micro-hydro may be a viable option for charging batteries. These units lend themselves to charging in off-grid applications and provide power 24 hours a day.

Even sites that only produce enough water to run the turbine during the rainy month’s can be worth developing as that is when solar panels are least effective.

Small scale turbines could easily produce enough power to potentially sell back to the grid in a home-based system but no rebates are in effect for such a system in case you were wondering.

Land and Sea Solar does do site evaluation to help you determine your hydro potential so give us a call. We handle turbines made by Don Harris of Harris HydroElectric and consider his products to be the best available for most applications. Harris has a new unit that utilizes a permanent magnet motor that is up to 30% more efficient than the alternator design and costs an additional $700. Visit for more info and call us for the best possible pricing

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