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Land and Sea Solar is proud to be an authorized dealer of the Solahart line of solar domestic hot water heaters. This company produced its first unit in the 1950’s and has been building state of the art water heaters ever since.

Solahart was recently acquired by Rheem water heaters, the largest manufacturer in the world and continue to be built in Australia to a very high standard. Solahart’s have no moving parts which means no pumps or freezevalves to fail and have up to a twelve year warranty, the longest in the industry. Units that were installed in the eighties are still going strong with only minimal serving(anode rod and pressure relief valve replacement every 12 years). We believe that given their track record and reliability, they are the best choice in a solar hot water heater.
To see for yourself what set’s them apart, check out the info below or visit them at
Why Solahart Collectors are Better (144k)
Black Chrome XII Premiere Model (222k)
Product Range (128k)
Tank Design (144k)

For more information please call 831-336-8650, or email us at (please cut and paste this address into your email. We don't hyperlink to reduce spam)


























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